Saturday, August 28, 2010

Purl One - 9119-9 or 9927-5

- blue sleeveless dress
- red/white gingham hankie in pocket
- red/black shoulder bag
- red pumps
- knitting holder/bag
- knitting needles (not shown)
- 3 balls of wool - pink, blue, red (not shown)


  1. I have a feeling I had this one---I remember that great little tote and the two-tone shoulder bag. The hanky sticking up from the angled patch pockets rings a bell also. At the unpacking of the outfit, I don't think the needles and yarn were given to me (no needles because I was too young, and the yarn doesn't make sense if you don't have needles).

    1. The needles are actually just toothpicks with red beads glued onto the ends.