Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kooky Shirts - stripes

Kooky Shirts - screenprints

Kooky Shirts

These were short or long-sleeved sweatshirts with different screen printing on the front or just stripes. There were 4 different screenprints and these could come in different colours. The other 2 were striped.
1. Meooooooooow
2. Ya-Ya-Ya (the most popular and hardest to get)
3. You're off your Rocker
4. What's Buzzin Cuzzin
5. Multi-coloured horizontal stripes
6. Red/grey vertical stripes

Swinging Slacks

Missing socks and rope belt

Oomphie Undies

Note: Pepper is wearing a similar set only produced for the UK market.


These pieces were meant to mix and match with each other. It's difficult to know exactly how many pieces were produced. I will list what is known:

Shorty Shifts: (I have 2)
- Red sleeveless dress with white/navy blue stripes and navy blue stars
- Blue/white vertical striped sleeveless dress with red flower appliqué
- Turquoise sleeveless dress with 2 patch pockets (blinking eyes on pockets)
- Sleeveless dress with white floral top and pink bow and solid pink bottom

Oomphy Undies:
- Red and white bib style top, matching panties (I have the top)
- Red/white polka dotted midriff top and capris (I have this one)
- Slip and panties – multi-colours (I have this one)
- Slip, bra and panties – blue lace (I have the slip)
- Sleeveless night gown (shown in yellow) (missing)
- Slip, bra and panties – white sheer (missing)

Beau Blouses:
- ¾ length sleeved top with black on one side and white on the other (missing)
- Red/white/navy blue vertical striped sleeveless top with red fringe on bottom (missing)
- Yellow solid ¾ length sleeves and black buttons and tie belt (missing)
- Short sleeved red/white strip top with blue navy-type collar and red star pockets (I have this one but the star pockets are missing)
- White ¾ length blouse with orange ruffles (I have this one)

Swinging Slacks:
- White with yellow and orange stripes (I have this one)
- Solid deep pink (I have this one)
- Lime green capris with tie belt and matching socks (I have the capris only)
- Red capris with white stripe (missing)

Swinging Skirts:
- Navy full skirt with yellow and red triangles (button up front)(missing)
- Yellow straight skirt with black stitching (missing)
- Turquoise full skirt with black buttons (I have this one)
- Navy full skirt with red gingham lining and handkerchief (in pocket)(missing)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Afternoon Dress - 9345-2

- Sleeveless pink/white striped dress with full skirt and flowers at the waist
- White pumps

Nightgown 9242-9

- Cotton floral nightgown in pink/white or blue/white
- White slippers (not shown)
- 3 pieces of fruit (missing)

Shirtwaist Dress 9241-1

- sleeveless dress with full skirt and gold buttons
- black belt (missing)
- gold belt (not shown)

Note: this dress came in blue, orange and green

Sweater - 9244-5

- sweater
- acrylic red scarf (missing)

Note: this came in a straight-necked either blue/white or red/white stripes (shown). This sweater also came in a red/white striped turtleneck (missing).

Sheath Dress - 9243-7

- sleeveless dress
- black belt (missing)
- black pumps (not shown)

Note: this dress comes in red and turquoise (shown) or pink (missing)

Sleeveless Sweater - 9234-6

- sleeveless sweater
- red glasses (missing)

Note: this sweater came in blue and yellow (shown) or pink (missing)

House Coat - 9240-3

- cotton gingham housecoat in either pink or blue with white collar and ties
- blue princess phone
- green telephone directory

Jumper - 9233-8

- plaid jumper
- red/black clutch purse
- red pumps

Long-sleeved Blouse - 9232-0

- Long-sleeved pink/white striped shirt with black buttons
- Black clutch purse

Note: as you can see by the photo, there are short-sleeved versions of this shirt as well.

Short Sleeved-Blouse - 9231-2

- white cotton short-sleeved blouse with gold buttons
- red glasses

Full Skirt - 9230-4

- Full skirt with gold chain and heart

Note: this skirt came in green, blue and coral (shown with short sleeved blouse)

Pedal Pushers (capris) - 9224-7

- Pedal pushers
- Orange juice
- Weekly News

Note: These pedal pushers come in red, black, navy or white

Slacks - 9223-9

- slacks
- white sandals (not shown)

Note: this slacks came in either red plaid (shown) or blue corduroy (not shown)

Sleeveless blouse - 9222-1

- sleeveless cotton blouse in either a floral or gingham pattern
- pearl choker

Note: this blouse came in either pink/white or blue/white

Skirt (kilt) - 9221-3

- plaid skirt (kilt)
- safety pin
- red pumps

Note: this skirt came in several different plaids

Straight Skirt - 9220-5

- a cotton straight skirt with pockets
- white hankie
- gold belt (not shown)
- black date book (not shown)

Note: I've seen this skirt in red, navy, black or white

Pack Clothing

These were inexpensive mix-and-match fashion pieces. They came on a card and had only one pieces, maybe one or two accessories, a hanger and booklet. They had no name. They are as follows:
- Straight Skirt
- Plaid skirt (kilt)
- Sleeveless blouse
- Slacks
- Pedal Pushers (known today as capris)
- Full skirt
- Short-sleeved blouse
- Long-sleeved blouse
- Plaid jumper
- House coat
- Sleeveless sweater
- Sheath dress
- Sweater
- Shirtwaist dress
- Nightgown
- Afternoon Dress

Winter Weather 9959-8

- B/W houndstooth coat
- B/W houndstooth skirt
- Red boots
- Long black gloves
- Black hat
- Red body blouse

Wedding Belle - 9213-0 or 9958-0

Note: I don't believe my outfit is the version sold in the U.S. but that the outfit that was sold in Japan, on a doll - it had less pieces.
I don't have the U.S. version....
- Gown
- Veil with floral headpiece
- Long white gloves
- Bouquet
- Throw-away bouquet
- Hose
- White pumps
- Necklace
- Blue garter
- Airline ticket

Private Secretary - 9939-0

- Green overblouse
- Matching green skirt (missing)
- Yellow long-sleeved blouse (missing)
- White purse (missing - not the one shown)
- Green pumps (missing)
- Typewriter
- Nylons (missing)
- Red glasses (missing)
- Steno book (missing)
- Yellow pencil (missing)
- Green pencil (missing)

Powder Puff - 9938-2

- Turquoise and white brocade dress with turquoise feather trim
- Turquoise purse
- Turquoise nylons (missing)
- Long white gloves (not shown)
- Pearl choker (not shown)
- Turquoise pumps (missing)

Opening Night - 9954-9

- Long gown with white sparkly strapless bodice and fuchsia satin skirt
- Fuchsia satin stole
- Sparkly silver purse
- Double strand pearl necklace
- Long white gloves (missing one)
- Fuchsia pumps (missing)
- Playbill (missing)
- 2 theatre tickets (missing)
- Corsage in a clear plastic box (missing)
- Long gift box (missing)