Monday, April 28, 2014

Grown Up Straight-legged Tammy

Grown up straight legged Tammy looked very similar to Grown Up Pos'n Tammy except her legs didn't bend.  She came in a red/white striped crop top and a short, pleated royal blue skort plus shoes.  Her box had a yellow insert and she also came with a wire stand. 

Grown Up Pos'n Tammy


This Tammy is slimmer than the original and her legs bend. She came in a one piece red/white outfit either with or without feet (the other one had bell bottom type legs) and red or white shoes (pumps). She has short hair in a bob style cut.  She came in a telephone booth style box (the same as Misty)  

Pos'n Tammy

One piece of hair is longer than the rest and is braided and coiled on top of her head then secured with a red ribbon. She wears a red, one-piece leotard with a red tulle tutu.  The box has a swing inside on which she sits (missing). Also included are three 2-piece pink curlers and an ankle gripping stand.