Thursday, August 26, 2010

Puddle Jumper - 9111-6 or 9921-8

- rain coat
- kerchief (with or without ties - I have both)
- red shoulder bag
- umbrella
- white boots


  1. I liked this outfit quite a bit. The scarf, I recall, was hard to keep on; it needed ties instead of kerchief points. I always wanted to unfurl the umbrella, because I figured it was like a full-size umbrella. I don't remember if it was actually that way, or was simply a twisted fabric. The short boots were very nice, too, because the shape was very much like the rubber overshoes women like my grandmother wore over their street shoes when it rained. And it's cool to see a Chesterfield collar again. Around the time this outfit came out, it was probably already starting to go out of style, but it's nice to see it anyway.

    1. The umbrella is just twisted fabric around the plastic handle.

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