Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Pamphlets

There were 4 pamphlets that came with either the dolls or the outfits.

The original pink pamphlet showed Tammy wearing her "Dream Boat" outfit. There was a variant of the same pamphlet showing Tammy without the jacket of the "Dream Boat" outfit. This pamphlet showed a sketch of the Tammy doll and 20 of her outfits with a description of each.

The fuchsia pamphlet showed Tammy wearing her original outfit and on the back it showed Tammy and her family (Mom, Dad, big brother Ted and little sister, Pepper). Inside are line drawings of the dolls, the first 20 outfits (as above) PLUS an additional 6 more outfits and "pack" items. Also included are Mom's, Peppers and Dad/Ted's outfits and their descriptions.

There is one other pamphlet - a black/white one that only shows Mom's, Dad/Ted's and Pepper's outfits. These were usually found on the back of "pack" clothing items or accessories packs.


  1. Hi!
    First, I want to say that your blog really helped me. I am searching informations on the Tammys and I found a lot in here. I have a question though, if a Tammy came with the "boat" booklet, can we assume it's from 1962?

  2. It was one of the earlier brochures for sure but could have come with the outfits listed therein for several years? Sorry - I'm not sure.