Monday, April 28, 2014

Pos'n Tammy

One piece of hair is longer than the rest and is braided and coiled on top of her head then secured with a red ribbon. She wears a red, one-piece leotard with a red tulle tutu.  The box has a swing inside on which she sits (missing). Also included are three 2-piece pink curlers and an ankle gripping stand.


  1. I remember the swing. My doll had auburn hair, I think, or else a light brown. It came with pink curlers? I have a memory of those but not where they came from. I think I used to store the doll in her wardrobe case with her curlers in, just like the ladies I knew (my grandmother and mom) who went to bed with them in every night...

    1. I've added a photo of the pink curlers.

  2. I own a Pose'n Tammy
    Love her to bits.xx