Saturday, November 13, 2010

Straight-legged Pepper

This Pepper was the original doll. She came in either a turquoise outfit or a red/white/blue outfit.

The Turquoise outfit consisted of a solid turquoise playsuit with a white/turquoise striped overskirt and white shoes.

The red/white/blue outfit consisted of a solid red and white/navy gingham playsuit. Some of the dolls had a navy/white overskirt (HTF). She also had white shoes.

Hair could be shoulder-length or short and is usually blonde or light brown. There is also a red-headed Pepper that is HTF.

She came in a box that was either fuschia with Tammy's family written on it and picture of Pepper OR a red/white box with Pepper written on it with a picture of Pepper.

There are some Pepper's out there that have NO FRECKLES. These are also HTF.

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  1. So good to see Pepper in her familiar dresses again.