Saturday, October 30, 2010


These pieces were meant to mix and match with each other. It's difficult to know exactly how many pieces were produced. I will list what is known:

Shorty Shifts: (I have 2)
- Red sleeveless dress with white/navy blue stripes and navy blue stars
- Blue/white vertical striped sleeveless dress with red flower appliqué
- Turquoise sleeveless dress with 2 patch pockets (blinking eyes on pockets)
- Sleeveless dress with white floral top and pink bow and solid pink bottom

Oomphy Undies:
- Red and white bib style top, matching panties (I have the top)
- Red/white polka dotted midriff top and capris (I have this one)
- Slip and panties – multi-colours (I have this one)
- Slip, bra and panties – blue lace (I have the slip)
- Sleeveless night gown (shown in yellow) (missing)
- Slip, bra and panties – white sheer (missing)

Beau Blouses:
- ¾ length sleeved top with black on one side and white on the other (missing)
- Red/white/navy blue vertical striped sleeveless top with red fringe on bottom (missing)
- Yellow solid ¾ length sleeves and black buttons and tie belt (missing)
- Short sleeved red/white strip top with blue navy-type collar and red star pockets (I have this one but the star pockets are missing)
- White ¾ length blouse with orange ruffles (I have this one)

Swinging Slacks:
- White with yellow and orange stripes (I have this one)
- Solid deep pink (I have this one)
- Lime green capris with tie belt and matching socks (I have the capris only)
- Red capris with white stripe (missing)

Swinging Skirts:
- Navy full skirt with yellow and red triangles (button up front)(missing)
- Yellow straight skirt with black stitching (missing)
- Turquoise full skirt with black buttons (I have this one)
- Navy full skirt with red gingham lining and handkerchief (in pocket)(missing)

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  1. Seeing some of these great items reinforces the idea for me that many of the Tammy outfits, although still sold and in circulation, were no longer being featured in the New Haven-area stores my grandmother took me to, by 1964 or 1965. Barbie stuff was being heavily stocked, and somewhere around 1965 I recall having a very hard time finding any new Tammy clothes. Pepper clothes? Forget it entirely. All that was around were the favorite-favorite consumer items---Pizza Party, Puddle Jumpers. How many of those could you buy? We had to switch me to Barbie because we couldn't find clothes for Tammy or Pepper anymore. My grandmother was a professional seamstress in a factory, but we didn't make doll clothes---I think my grandmother's arthritis was bad by this time and a lot of handwork was too hard, and my mother, who worked full-time as a legal secretary wasn't into doll-clothes sewing as an adult, although she had made plenty of them as a child for her own dolls. (No money back when she was a kid---had to make them herself or go without!)